Yesterday at the Staples Center…

Laid  Brandon Knight on the hardwood as DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers threw down perhaps the dunk of the year…

Chris Paul of the Clippers threw up an alley-oop pass to Jordan as Brandon Knight attempted to get ahold of the ball, and ended up being posterized.

Nothing like a good ol’ posterization to top of the win.

Not like this is anything new for the Clippers…

Many like to call them “Lob Angeles”.deandre jordan alley-oop

That goes with good reason, as Jordan and teammate Blake Griffin seem to posterize other players on a nightly basis.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip of the DeAndre Jordan alley-oop.


It’s safe to say that BK7 won’t be trying to block any DeAndre Jordan alley-oop any time soon… That goes for Griffin as well.

Like I said before, this particular DeAndre Jordan alley-oop will probably be the dunk of the year, if not probably top 5…

I will be posting some more amazing highlights later on probably… but until then, tell me what dunks or highlights you like the best in the comments below!

DeAndre Jordan Alley-Oop, Brandon Knight R.I.P.






The only good thing about Dwayne Wade I can say is that he is very talented.

There are many bad things to say about Wade in contrast…
Some might say I am biased because I am a Celtics fan, but I can back my claim 100%.

For one, I think he is a very dirty player. That’s why with Dwayne Wade suspended, maybe he can rethink his strategies.

To me it seems as if he’s like a baby. If something doesn’t go his way he makes something bad happen to another player, or flops instead. Not to mention Wade flops almost every game. I don’t like his style of play for the most part. Sure he’s tough when it comes to making contact shots and around the rim in general… but I can do without his dramatics.

dwayne wade suspended

I Don’t Mind Seeing Dwayne Wade Suspended.

Now here is the incident that got Dwayne Wade suspended on Dec. 27th, 2012 while playing against the Bobcats in Charlotte.

Wade is bringing the ball up the court, and for no apparent reason he kicks Ramon Sessions in the groin when he starts to defend Wade.

Here’s the video:



List Of Wade’s Dirty Plays

  • During a game in Boston in the 2011 regular season, Wade was hit with a flagrant foul for shoving Kevin Garnett after Garnett had leveled Mike Miller with a screen.
  • In the 2011 playoffs, Wade got wrapped up with Rondo while going for a loose ball. After Rondo elbowed Wade, he appeared to stick his leg out and sweep Rondo to the court. It resulted in Rondo dislocating his elbow. At the time, Wade said it was inadvertent.
  • Wade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose, raking him from behind during an unusual physical play during the 2012 All-Star Game. Bryant had fouled Wade twice previously in the game.
  • During a regular-season game last April in Miami, Wade threw a forearm at Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton after Hamilton bumped him trying to create space on the perimeter. Wade was called for a flagrant foul.
  • During the first round of the playoffs last season, Wade threw the shoe of New York Knicks guard Mike Bibby off the court after Bibby lost it getting a rebound.
  • During the second round of the playoffs, Wade blindsided Indiana Pacers guard Darren Collison on a fast break. Wade, who seemed to be reacting to not getting a shooting foul moments earlier, was assessed a flagrant foul.

For all of the reasons above, I do not like Dwayne Wade’s selfish style of play. I think he should be fined, and frequently at that. I also think that the decision to have Dwayne Wade suspended for one game is not enough; he has been getting away with too much.

My Pistons will also benefit. With Dwayne Wade suspended, they have a much better shot during the game tonight at the Palace.

Dwayne Wade Suspended = Good Basketball.

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So I come across this video today,

Its kind of a bitter-sweet video…

The reason I say that is because on one hand, its hilarious; and on the other… it would have been very unfortunate if the baby was taken further. Not to mention the baby was probably very scared at the time.

One more thing I forgot to mention is the mother of the baby that was taken. She wasn’t really paying that much attention and probably isn’t that aware of her surroundings. And after this incident I am sure she will have a bad parenting reputation after this lol.

Here’s the video:



The above comments would be true if I didn’t tell you guys that this video is fake.

That’s right, a hoax.

It is a very good one at that, getting nearly 40,000,000 views from today since December 18th of this year. Apparently it was an assignment for some college in Montreal where the students would be graded according to the number of thousands of views that it got.

This group of students obviously got an A+…

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The Power In a Decision


I was searching the internet for a good book, and looked I to some Tony Robbins stuff…

It’s pretty interesting when you look at all of his content. He is one of the greatest self-help and motivational speakers of all time. He helps out business executives all over the nation.

power of a decision

One interesting quote I found was this:
“If you want to take the island, you have to burn the freakin’ boats.”

Essentially what he is saying, is that when you say you’re going to do something, you have to do it. Simple as that.

You cannot say you’re going to do something, and be iffy about it.

There has to be a decision made where you do not go back on your word, no matter what. An example was brought up by David Sharpe on a Monday night call:

A female friend of his decided to be a jogger. Her husband asked her “how do you decide when to go out? Especially when of rains or is really cold?” She replied “I don’t decide, I go out every day because I just decided to be a jogger.”

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

One other thing Tony said was very true: “intelligence is nothing, action is everything“.

This is very interesting because most people don’t understand this concept. In order to get success, you must take action.

My business relates to this so very much. Making money is a decision. And most people don’t realize this. They don’t realize that its very simple to accomplish your financial desires.

This is your chance now. See how people are making 5-figures monthly with a 3-step marketing system that is simply… amazing.

Go here and make that decision!

I came across this video as looking at the most popular videos on YouTube (recent videos).

This is actually a pretty funny video.

Who Cares If Justin Bieber Throws Up?

I know he has literally millions of fans across the world, but this is not as big a deal as everyone seems to make it…

I am not a fan of his “music”. That is probably why I find this so amusing to watch.

At least for his sake he didn’t hurl on any fans or anything… and not that much came out either.

I have heard of people that are so afraid to get in front of people that they will throw up… but I don’t think being nervous is the case because he’s been on stage a thousand times already.

Maybe he had one too many tequilas?

But anyway, I don’t think he’s going to be performing in Arizona for a while…

I didn’t look into the exact reason why Justin Bieber throws up, but I’m sure you could find it on Google or something, if you looked.


^ Justin Bieber Throws Up ^

I think he may have been sick or something… or just drunk lol.

One of the best parts is, is that it shows how he doesn’t sing LIVE like REAL musicians with REAL talent do.

“Must be damn good at singing if he can hold a tune while throwing up.”

That was one of the most ‘liked’ comments which I found hilarious because it’s true.

Justin Bieber Throws Up

If you know why Justin Bieber throws up, leave a comment below!

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